Indian Army - Physical Proficiency Test (PFT) New Timing For 1.6 km Effective From 01 April 2017 |

Indian Army

1. Revised timings for 1.6 Km Run for all categories - Sol GD, Sol Tdn, Sol Clk/ SKT/IM, Sol Tech, Sol NA / NA (VET), Hav Edn, Hav Svy Auto Carto, JCO Catering and RT JCO will be conducted as per  laid down timings under two gps and marks allotted for each gp is given as under :

All Cat
     (a)    Upto 05 Mins 30 Secs
Gp - I
60 Marks
     (b)    From 05 Mins 31 Secs to 05         Mins 45 Secs
Gp - II
48 Marks
Provisions for Extra Time for 1.6 Km run in Hilly Terrain Areas
Conduct of 1.6 Km run test in the Hilly Terrain Areas will be as under:
(i)                  Upto 5000 Ft as above
(ii)                Between 5000 Ft to 9000 Ft - Add 30 Secs
(iii)               Between 9000 Ft to 12000 Ft – Add 120 Secs

2. The policy will be implemented for all recruitment rallies scheduled for Rtg yr 2017-18 (i.e wef 01 Apr 2017). The policy would be applicable for all future cat which are under consideration as well.


Upcoming Indian Army Rally (Bharti) Schedule 2016-2017 For All District of Himachal Pradesh

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