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Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Himachal Pradesh Quiz GK- MCQ's - Part 9

Himachal Pradesh Quiz GK- MCQ's - Part 9 1. Which was the first Capital of Nurpur State?
(A) Niyajpur
(B) Trigarta
(C) Pathan Kot
(D) Shahpur

2. When was the Battle of Bhagini fought?
(A) 1586 A.D.
(B) 1686 A.D.
(C) 1786 A.D.
(D) 1886 A.D.

3. The battle of Bhagini was fought between—
(A) Guru Gobind Singh and Sansar Chand
(B) Sikhs and Chander Bhan
(C) Ishwar Sen and Sikhs
(D) Guru Gobind Singh and Raja Bhim Chand of Bilaspur

4. When was Gandhi Ji visited Shimla?
(A) 1916
(B) 1917
(C) 1918
(D) 1921

5. Gandhi ji Visited Shimla and he stayed at—
(A) Peterhauff
(B) Chauki
(C) Shanti Kutir
(D) None of these

6. Who was the Great General of Ranjit Singh King?
(A) Hari Singh Nalwa
(B) Gorkhas
(C) Bhagat Singh
(D) None of these

7. The book ‘Country Life’ written by—
(A) M. Pallis
(B) U.S. Kumar
(C) Norah Richard
(D) None

8. ‘H.P. Area and Languages’ written by—
(A) Shanta Kumar
(B) Dr. Y. S. Parmar
(C) Hari Ram Jasta
(D) None of these

9. Who is Deputy-Speaker of Himachal Pradesh Assembly?
(A) Sh.Kuldeep Kumar
(B) Sh. Dev Raj Negi
(C) Rikhi Ram Kaundal
(D) Vijay Kumar Joshi

10. Which is the State Bird of Himachal Pradesh?
(A) Sparrow
(B) Monal
(C) Peacock
(D) Targopan

11. On which river a bridge was constructed in 1894?
(A) Satluj
(B) Ravi
(C) Beas
(D) Chenab

12. Which was the ancient name of Kangra?
(A) Trigarta
(B) Nagar
(C) Tirthan
(D) Kot-kangra

13. The Capital of Trigarta was—
(A) Nagoori
(B) Nagar
(C) Nagarkot
(D) Narvani

14. When was Dharam Chand ascended the Kangra Throne—
(A) 1516
(B) 1518
(C) 1524
(D) 1528

15. Hamirpur town was established by—
(A) Alam
(B) Hamir chand
(C) Bhim Chand
(D) Sansar Chand

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