World Geography MCQ's - Part 1 |


1. Core of the earth is considered to comprise of
(a) silicon and aluminium
(b) iron and silicon
(c) iron and nickel
(d) nickel and aluminium

2. What is the difference in time between places 1 degree longitude apart?
(a) 4 minutes
(b)  8 minutes
(c)  10 minutes
(d) 15 minutes

3. Sand stone is metamorphosed into
(a) Gneiss
(b)  Schist
(c)  Quartzite
(d) Graphite

4. 'Sima' is referred to the
(a) upper part of lithosphere
(b)  lower part of lithosphere comprising of silica and alumina
(c)  lower part of lithosphere comprising of silica and magnesium
(d) upper part of lithosphere comprising of silica, iron and magnesium

5. Beneath the earth's crust the mantle composed mainly of very dense rocks rich in
(a) silica
(b)  nickel
(c)  olivine
(d) nife

6. Honululu is the capital of
(a) Hawaii
(b)  Alaska
(c)  California
(d) Kansas

7. Which one among the following is the world's largest exporter of agricultural products?
(a) Brazil
(b)  China
(c)  India
(d) USA

8. Which one of the following is a land locked country?
(a) Cambodia
(b)  Laos
(c)  Thailand
(d) Vietnam

9. Alfalfa
(a) a town
(b)  a tribe
(c)  a kind of grass
(d) a mineral

10. Pampas is
(a) latitudinal position
(b)  grassland
(c)  river basin
(d) mountain range

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