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Himachal Pradesh Quiz GK- MCQ's - Part 1

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  1. According to Hindu mythological who was the wife of King Himachal?
    a. Leelawati
    b. Mainawati
    c. Hemawati
    d. Senawati
  2. Which district have largest Post Offices in Himachal Pradesh ?
    a. Shimla
    b. Mandi
    c. Hamirpur
    d. Lahaul Spiti
  3. In which district was Himachal’s first music studio, “Sound of Mountains” established in the year 1986?
    a. Mandi
    b. Kangra
    c. Shimla
    d. Hamirpur
  4. Which son of Amar Singh Thapa defeated the Raja Karmprakash of Sirmaur in 1809?
    a. Bhakti Thapa
    b. Bajar Singh
    c. Ranjaur Singh
    d. Jubbal Thapa
  5. How many Sanskrit College in Himachal Pradesh affiliated to HPU?
    a. 13
    b. 18
    c. 20
    d. 36
  6. Who was the first Speaker of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly?
    a. Jaiwant Ram
    b. Y S Parmar
    c. Trilok Chand
    d. Urmila SIngh
  7. Name of Previous Governor of Himachal Pradesh
    a. Urmila Singh
    b. Prabha Rai
    c. Acharya Dev Vrat
    d. Hema Rani
  8. Institute of Himalayan Bio resource Technology situated in:
    a. Hamirpur
    b. Palampur
    c. Nauni
    d. Dharamshala
  9. Dalhousie an important attraction of the tourist place in Himachal is named in 19 century upon:
    a. British Governor Lord Dalhousie
    b. British Governor Lord Karson.
    c. Queen Victoria
    d. Sikander Lodi
  10. Which district in Himachal is known as "Varanasi of Hills"?
    a. Mandi
    b. Kangra
    c. Bilaspur
    d. Shimla
  11. Which district of Himachal Pradesh is the largest producer of fish?
    a. Chamba
    b. Kangra
    c. Bilaspur
    d. Shimla
  12. What is the main subject of Kangra Paintings?
    a. Nature
    b. Animals
    c. Radha Krishna
    d. Lord Shiva
  13. Which river originates from Chandernahan Lake or Rohru tehsil?
    a. Yamuna
    b. Pabbar
    c. Tons
    d. Giri
  14. Whose painting is “Kangra Bride”?
    a. Sobha Singh
    b. Ram Prashad
    c. Saraswati Prashad
    d. Khushwant Singh
  15. When was Gaiety Theatre constructed in Shimla?
    a. 1887
    b. 1888
    c. 1890
    d. 1880
  16. HPPSC and HPU were established in:
    a. 1969
    b. 1970
    c. 1971
    d. 1972
  17. What is the length if Pong Dam?
    a. 28 KM
    b. 37 KM
    c. 42 KM
    d. 67 KM
  18. Pong Dam is also known as:
    a. Sardar Sarivar Dam
    b. Govind Sagar Dam
    c. Maharana Pratap Sagar Dam
    d. Pandoh Dam
  19. In which mountain range does Rohtang Pass situated?
    a. Zanskar Mountain Range
    b. Pir Panjal Mountain Range
    c. Dhauladhar Mountain Range
    d. Solasingi Mountain Range
  20. How many villages are there in Kangra?
    a. 3700
    b. 3869
    c. 3498
    d. None of These

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  1. 17. length of pong dam is 42km.

  2. The Pong Dam is a 133 m (436 ft) tall and 1,951 m (6,401 ft) long earth-fill embankment dam with a gravel shell.
    Maximum length‎: ‎41.8 km (26 mi) Dam volume‎: ‎35,500,000 m3 (46,432,247 cu yd)
    Length‎: ‎1,951 m (6,401 ft) Location‎: ‎Talwara
    ‎Background · ‎Design · ‎Displacement of people

  3. History. Himachal Pradesh University was established on 22 July 1970 by an Act of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.