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कृप्या अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करके उनकी मदद करें। HP Police Constable Sample

1. Which is the least prime number?
A. 0
B. 2
C. 3
D. 5
Ans is B

2. The length of the bridge, which a train 130 metres long and travelling at 45 km/hr can cross in 30 seconds, is:
A. 200m
B. 225m
C. 245m
D. 250m
Ans is C

3. A train passes a station platform in 36 secondsand a man standing on the platform in 20 seconds. If the speed of the train is 54 km/hr, what is the length of the platform?
A. 120m
B. 340m
C. 240m
D. 200m
Ans is C

4. The H.C.F. of two numbers is 23 and the other two factors of their L.C.M. are 13 and 14. The larger of the two numbers is:
A. 276
B. 298
C. 322
D. 345
Ans is C

5. Alfred buys an old scooter for Rs. 4700 and spends Rs. 800 on its repairs. If he sells the
scooter for Rs. 5800, his percent is:
A. 32/7%
B. 60/11 %
C. 10%
D. 12%
Ans is B

6. The Square root of 1.5625 is equal to.
A. 1.05
B. 1.25
C. 1.45
D. 1.65
Ans is B

7. The cube root of .000216 is:
A. 0.6
B. 0.06
C. 0.77
D. 0.09
Ans is B

8. There are some Ducks and Goats in a field. On addition there are total 77 heads and 224 legs.
Then number of Ducks in the field are
A. 42
B. 30
C. 32
D. 47
Ans is A

9. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is:
A. Rs 650
B. Rs 690
C. Rs 698
D. Rs 700
Ans is C

10. (112 x 54) = ?
A. 67,000
B. 70,000
C. 72,000
D. 75,000
Ans is B

11. Richter Scale measures
A. Volume of Milk
B. Temperature
C. Flow of Water
D. Magnitude of an Earthquake
Ans is D

12. Ram can do a piece of work in 20 days and Harish can do the same piece of work in 30 days.
Find in how many days both can do that work?
A. 16 days
B. 14 days
C. 10 days
D. 12 days
Ans is D

13. Which planet is known as the red planet of solar system?
A. Mars
B. Earth
C. Venus
D. Jupiter
Ans is A

14. Mahatma Gandhi started his Dandi March from
A. Dandi
B. Porbandar
C. Ahmedabad
D. Sabarmati Ashram
Ans is D

15. What is the place of Shimla according to cleanest city record in year 2016 ?
A. 25
B. 26
C. 27
D. 28
Ans is C

16. Which city is knownas “Choti Kashi” of Himachal Pradesh?
A. Mandi
B. Rewalser
C. Malana
D. Dalhausie
Ans is A

17. Highest Glacier of Himachal Pradesh
A. Kinnar Kailash
B. Mulkila
C. Barra Shigri
D. Hanuman Tibba
Ans is C

18. Mini Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh
A. Dalhausie
B. Khajjiar
C. Sanjauli
D. Manali
Ans is B

19. Longest Railway line of Himachal Pradesh is
A. Kalka-Shimla
B. Pathankot-Joginder Nagar
C. Nangal-Una-Amb
D. Bhanupali-Bilaspur
Ans is B

20. Great Himalayan National Park is Located at
A. Kullu
B. Shimla
C. Lahaul Spiti
D. Solan
Ans is  A

21. Luhnu Cricket Ground is located at
A. Dharamshala
B. Chail
C. Bilaspur
D. Sundernagar
Ans is C

22. Masrur Rock Cut temple is located in which district
A. Kangra
B. Mandi
C. Kullu
D. Kinnaur
Ans is A

23. Smallest country of world
A. Japan
B. Bhutan
C. Vatican City
D. Sri Lanka
Ans is C

24. Pointing to a photograph of a boy Suresh said, "He is the son of the only son of my mother." How is Suresh related to that boy?
A. Brother
B. Uncle
C. Cousin
D. Father
Ans is D

25. Introducing a boy, a girl said, "He is the son of the daughter of the father of my uncle." How is the boy related to the girl?
A. Brother
B. Nephew
C. Uncle
D. Son-in-law
Ans is A

26. If A=2, M=26 and Z= 52 then BET=?
A. 44
B. 54
C. 64
D. 72
Ans is B

27. In Computer ROM stands for
A. Random Operation Memory
B. Read Only Memory
C. Read Operation Memory
D. Read Out Memory
Ans is B

28. BCCI stands for
A. BCCI - Board of Control for Cricket in India
B. BCCI - Board of Control for Cricket in Indonesia
C. BCCI - Baluchistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
D. None of These
Ans is A,

29. Which is the highest literary award of the world?
A. Nobel Prize
B. Booker Prize
C. Pulitzer Prize
D. Magsaysay Award
Ans is B

30. Which bank has maximum number of branches?
B. HDFC Bank
C. State bank of India
D. Punjab National Bank
Ans is C

31. The headquarters of UNESCO is at
A. Rome
B. Geneva
C. Paris
D. New york
Ans is C

32. Total number of states in India are
A. 27
B. 28
C. 29
D. 30
Ans is C

33. Let‟s Play ____________volleyball.
A. The
B. No article
C. A
D. An
Ans is B

34. He has always been _______ very good boy.
A. An
B. The
C. A
D. No article
Ans is C

35. I love living in this ______ city.
A. The
B. A
C. An
D. No article
Ans is D

36. Let‟s go to ______beach.
A. A
B. An
C. The
D. No article
Ans is C

37. He knows how to treat ______ lady.
A. The
B. A
C. An
D. No article
Ans is B

38. Kiran asked me, “Did you see the cricket match on television last night.
A. Kiran asked me whether I saw the cricket match on television the earlier night.
B. Kiran asked me whether I had seen the cricket match on television the earlier night.
C. Kiran asked me did I see the cricket match on television last night.
D. Kiran asked me whether I had seen the cricket match on television last night.
Ans is B

39. He said, “Be quiet and listen to my words.”
A. He said you should be quiet and listen to my words
B. He said they should be quiet and listen to Vhis words
C. He urged them and said be quiet and listen to words
D. He urged them to be quiet and listen to his words
Ans is D

40. Manna asked Rohan, “Have you sat in a trolley bus before?” 
A. Manna asked Rohan whether he had sat in a trolley bus earlier.
B. Manna asked Rohan had he sat in a trolley bus before.
C. Manna asked Rohan if he has ever sat in a trolley bus
D. Manna asked Rohan if he sat on a trolley bus before..
Ans is A

41. Sahil sharma makes tea.
A. Tea is made by Sahil sharma.
B. Tea is made by the Sahil sharma.
C. Tea was made by Sahil sharma.
D. Tea has made by Sahil sharma.
Ans is A

42. We hate him.
A. He has hated by us.
B. He is hated by us.
C. He was hated by us.
D. He will hated by us.
Ans is B

43. My friends are watching the match.
A. The match is watched by my friends.
B. The match had being Bwatched by my friends.
C. The match is being watched by my friends.
D. The match has being watched by my friends.
Ans is C

44. He stole that watch.
A. That watch was stolen by him.
B. That watch stolen by him.
C. That watch stole by him.
D. That watch had stolen by him.
Ans is A

45. Correct spelling is
A. Efficient
B. Employd
C. Treatmeant
D. Beterment
Ans is A

46. Correct spelling is
A. Ominous
B. Omineous
C. Ommineous
D. Omenous
Ans is A

47. Correct spelling is
A. Acomodation
B. Accommodation
C. Accomodaton
D. Acommodation
Ans is B

48. Correct spelling is
A. Palet
B. Pelate
C. Palete
D. Palate
Ans is D

49. I _____ English
tea. Is it good?
A. drink
B. have drunk
C. am drinking
D. 've never drunk
Ans is D

50. For dinner last night we ___ fish and chips.
A. are having
B. had
C. have had
D. will have
Ans is B

51. Please be quiet! The baby ____ .
A. sleeps
B. is sleeping
C. has slept
D. sleep
Ans is B

52. अभ्यागत , आगन्तुक , पाहूना  किस शब्द के पर्यावाची है 
A. अतिथि
C. माता
D. बादल
 Ans is A

53. नौका , तरणी , तरी  किस  शब्द के पर्यावाची है ?
A. नाव
C. नदी
D. तालाब
Ans is A

54.  रावण शब्द का पर्याय है ?
A. दशानन
B. माधव
C. विटप
D. दल
Ans is A

55. रात शब्द का पर्याय है ?
A. निशा
B. तम
C. तिमिर
D. तमस
Ans is A

56. अशुद्ध शब्द चुनिये 
A. निशाचर
B. केलें
C. ऋषि
D. पढना
Ans is B

57. समास जिसमे कोई  पद प्रधान नहीं होता 
A. बहुब्रीहि
B. द्वीगु
C. दवन्द
D. कर्मधारय
Ans is A

58. भारतीय आर्य -भाषा परिवार की भाषा नहीं है 
A. संस्कृत
B. हिंदी
C. बंगाली
D. कन्नड़
Ans is D

59. मोहन ने सोहन को किताब दी ,में कारक है 
A. कर्ता
B. कर्म
C. सम्प्रदान
D. अधिकरण
Ans is C

60."मैं यह  काम कर सकता हूं " में सर्वनाम  है 
A. पुरुषवाचक
B. माध्य्म  पुरुषवाचक
C. निजवाचक
D. संबंधवाचक
Ans is C

61. "सत्य बोलो परन्तु कटु सत्य न बोलो "
A. मिश्र वाक्य
B. सयुंक्त वाक्य
C.सरल वाक्य
Ans is B

62. 'तुमने अधूरी सुनाई '. में विशेषण है 
A. संख्यावाचक
B. सार्वनामिक
C. गुणवाचक
D. परिणाम वाचक
Ans is D

63. ________ you go already? You only arrived an hour ago!
A. must
B. should
C. can
D. could
Ans is A

64. When he was young, he ________ swim very well. He won medals and championships!
A. had to
B. can
C. could
D. would
Ans is C

65. The company ________ go bankrupt if they don't find a lot of money quickly!
A. should
B. shouldn't
C. might
D. might not
Ans is C

66. You look very confused by the homework, Clive. ________ I help you?
A. will
B. can
C. must
D. may
Ans is B

67. I left my purse at home. Lily, ________ you lend me ten dollars?
A. may
B. could
C. shouldn't
D. couldn't
Ans is B

68. I left my purse at home. Lily, ________ you lend me ten dollars?
A. may
B. could
C. shouldn't
D. might
Ans is B

69. It's wet and windy outside today. You ________ go out without an umbrella.
A. shouldn't
B. won't
C. don't have to
D. don’t
Ans is A

70. I think that sign means we ________ enter the building. Look, there's a security guard too.
A. won't
B. have to
C. mustn't
D. should
Ans is C

71. Lindsay watched the movie in French and ________ understand very much of it.
A. didn't have to
B. can't
C. couldn't
D. shouldn’t
Ans is C

72. Who is Forest Minister? 
A. Thakur Gulab Singh
B. Dr. Rajeev Bindal
C. Kishan Kapoor
D. Thakur Singh Bharmouri
Ans is D

73. Who is food and civil supplier Minister?
A. J.P. Nadda
B. G. S. Bali
C. Rajiv Bindel
D. none
Ans is B

74. Bandli sanctuary located in—
A. Una
B. Mandi
C. kullu
D. None
Ans is B

75. What are the total No. of Panchayat in Shimla district?
A. 330
B. 331
C. 333
D. 309
Ans is B

76. Moti Mahal located at—
A. Nahan
B. Una
C. Mandi
D. Shimla
Ans is A

77. How many Panchayts Samitis are there in Una district —
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
D. 4
Ans is C

78. The book „History of Mandi State‟ is written by—
A. Manmohan Singh
B. A.K. Kaushal
C. A.K. Randhawa
D. none
Ans is A

79. Which is birth place of C.M. Virbhadra Singh?
A. Hamirpur
B. Sarahan
C. Mehatpur
D. Samirpur
Ans is B

80. How many DIETS are there in H.P.?
A. 13
B. 12
C. 11
D. 19
Ans is B


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