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 Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) - 2018 Question Paper Whitch is Held On 26 July 2018 With Answer Key.

Q.No: 1 Where are the headquarters of the Aga Khan Trust for culture which carried out the renovation of Qutab Shahi Tombs in Hyderabad ?

A Geneva
B London
C Paris
D Rome

Q.No: 2 Which tunnel will provide connectivity between Srinagar, Kargil and Leh in J and K ?

A Jawahar tunnel
B Banihal tunnel
C Sonamarg tunnel
D Zojila tunnel

Q.No: 3 Who is the convener of National Compassion Committee for Eradication of Bonded Labour in India ?

A Ira Pande
B Nirmala Deshpande
C Medha Patekar
D Nirmala Gorana

Q.No: 4 In which district of H.P. is Mahakali lake ?

A Kinnaur
B Chamba
C Lahaul - Spiti
D Kullu

Q.No: 5 In which country is Kaaba, the inner shrine of mosque at Mecea ?

A Iraq
B Dubai
C Kuwait
D Saudi Arabia

Q.No: 6 From which Assembly constituency of Karnataka did K. Siddaramaiah contest during the 2018 Assembly Elections?

A Kollegal
B Kanakpura
C Badami
D Krishnaraja

Q.No: 7 On the bank of which river is Budapest ?

A Hudson
B Danube
C Tigris
D Seine

Q.No: 8 Near which town of H.P. is Baba Balku Museum ?

A Badsar
B Solan
C Shimla
D Shah Talai

Q.No: 9 Near which town of Shimla District is Sipi Fair celebrated in May ?

A Rampur
B Rohru
C Chopal
D Mashobra

Q.No: 10 Which day is observed as International Nurses Day ?

A 12th May
B 19th May
C 5th May
D 23rd May

Q.No: 11 Which one of the following temples is built in Pagoda style ?

A Lakshna Devi (Bharmour)
B Hateshwari (Hatkoti)
C Shakti Devi (Chhitrari)
D Hadimba (Manali)

Q.No: 12 Who holds the record of having climbed Mt. Everest 22 times ?

A Phurba Tashi Sherpa
B Appa Sherpa
C Kami Rita Sherpa
D Tenzing Norgay

Q.No: 13 According to Swachh Sarvekshan 2018 which is the cleanest city in India ?

A Indore
B Chandigarh
C Bhopal
D Pune

Q.No: 14 Which Himachali is the author of novel Ramta Jogi ?

A Om Prakash Sarswat
B Yogeshwar Sharma
C Hari Ram Jasta
D Sunder Lohia

Q.No: 15 Which country is hosting the fifth Asian Champions Trophy Women Hockey Tournament in May 2018 ?

A China
B Malaysia
C South Korea
D Japan

Q.No: 16 Which NGO petitioned against unauthorised construction of Hotels including the one by H.P. Tourism Development Corporation ?


Q.No: 17 How many reserved Assembly constituencies are there in Kangra District of H.P. ?

A Two
B Four
C Five
D Three

Q.No: 18 When was the H.P. Territorial Council converted into Legislative Assembly ?

A 1963
B 1964
C 1962
D 1961

Q.No: 19 Which mountain pass joins Lahaul and Spiti areas of H.P. ?

A Kunzam
B Baralacha
C Kugti
D Padri

Q.No: 20 In which district of H.P. Dudhon Glacier ?
A Lahaul - Spiti
B Kinnaur
C Kangra
D Kullu

Q.No: 21 The minimum number of strain gauges in a strain rosette is

A Three
B Four
C Two
D one

Q.No: 22 The ratio of aluminium and iron oxide used in thermit welding is

A 1:3
B 3:1
C 1:2
D 2:1

Q.No: 23 Which of the following law governs the isothermal process

A Gay Lussac’s law
B Charle’s law
C Boyle’s Law
D Joule’s law


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