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Himachal Pradesh Quiz GK- MCQ's - Part 11
1.Shipki pass 4500m is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh?
(A)Lahaul Spiti

2.Spiti and Kinnaur are separated from Tibet by?
(A)Zaskar Range
(B)Pir Panjal Range
(C)Dhauladhar Range
(D)None of these

3.Which lake in district lahaul spiti is known as the "lake of Moon" ?
(C)Nako Lake

4.The headquarters of Kinnaur district is?
(A)Reckong Peo

5.Himachal Pradesh became part c state in?

6.Who was the ruler of Bilaspar at the time of India's Independence?
(A)Anand Chand
(B)Bhoomi chand
(C)Susharma Chand
(D)None of these

7.The town of Chamba was founded by?
(A)Maru verman
(B)Sahil verman
(D)None of above

8.How many members were there in the legislative assembly constituted for H.P in 1952?

9.Who became the first Lt. Governor of H.P in 1952?
(A)Himmat Singh
(B)Bahadur  Singh
(C)Bhagwan sahay
(D)Bajarang Bahadur Singh

10.When did Dr. Y.S Parmar become the chief minister of H.P for the first time?

11.When did H.P became a Union Territory?

12.How many districts did Himachal have till 1966?

13.Who was the first Chief Justice of H.P High court?
(A)RS Pathak
(B)P.D. Desai
(C)M.H Beg
(D)Mansoor Ahmed Meer

14.Gaiety theatre was opened in Shimla by the British in?

15.What was the Shivalik Mountain known as in ancient texts?
(A)Mainak Pavat
(B)Maulak Parvat
(C)Panjal Parvat
(D)None of these

16.There is a nine hole Golf course located somewhere in Shimla district. Where is it?
(D)Lower Shimla

17.The earthquake that caused great havoc in kangra occurred in?

18.Which district in H.P has its borders with Sirmaur, Uttarakhand, Solan and Mandi?

19.The Bhootnath temple is at?

20.Bir billing in Kangra district has become famous for?
(A)Para gliding
(C)High Mountain
(D)None of these

21.The Suketi Fossil park is in?

22.The festival "Bhunda" is related to?
(B)Rishi Beas
(C)Lord Shiva
(D)Rishi Vashist

23.The cement factory at Rajban in Sirmaur district was installed in?

24.How was Renuka related to Rishi Jamadagni?
(D)None of these

25."Rumal" is a famous handicraft of the district of?

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